Hello World (Wide Web)

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It has been more than 6 years since I started writing my first lines of code. Finishing my Bachelors and moving from salesman to a software engineer was a leap of faith. Deep diving in unfamiliar places, listening to a vast number of unknown words such as ‘Frontend’, ‘Backend’, ‘Promises’, ‘Callbacks’, ‘Closures’ and thinking which one I should learn first. Frontend or Backend? Like my life was depending on this and I had to choose wisely.

Fast forward 6 years later and i still know only a small piece of the puzzle. This blog will serve many cases and not just one. It will give a helping hand to the new frontend engineers or to the people with a different engineering background who want to create their first frontend repository. Even if you landed here while surfing the internet or by mis- clicking somehow, you are welcome too!

In this blog I'll try to share my small bits of knowledge around tech and its community. Here you will read a variety of articles. From “Create your own Axios library using Fetch API” to “How to successfully tackle your Energy Vampire colleague”. I can assure you that every word that you will read comes with a real life backstory.

See you around!